Japanese Patrol Boat Wreck

Depth: 18-24 m / 60-80 ft
Diver Level: Advanced Open Water

Lying in 18-24 metres of water not too far from the Landing Craft Utility wreck (LCU)  is the upright remains of a Japanese vessel bombed by the invading US forces in 1944. The vessel is believed to be a converted deep sea fishing trawler due to the network of cooling pipes throughout her lower levels.  Many think her role would have been as a submarine chaser.

The vessel has a large blast wound on the starboard side, likely the cause of her demise.  She is an absolute treat to scuba dive as the vessels anchor located on the lower port side, a large winch at her bow along with 4 of her six engine cylinders are all still visible.

Due to earthquakes in early 2015 the Japanese Patrol Boat wreck suffered extension damage with the whole of the galley collapsing along with some of the forward deck. She is now unsuitable for deep penetration diving though the wreck is still very impressive and also home to a large number of soft corals along with many fish species including Red Snapper, Sweet lip and Batfish.

The wreck is approximately 40 metres long and 8 metres wide.

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