Banshu Maru No 52

Depth: 56 m / 180 ft

Diver Level: Technical Divers

Just off Grande Island, another Japanese wreck was found and identified as the Japanese IJN Auxiliary Minesweeper Banshu Maru No 52, a converted Japanese whaling or fishing vessel. After divers have found beer bottles on the wreck she was also given the Nickname “Sakura Maru”.

Banshu Maru No 52

Banshu Maru No 52

The Banshu Maru No 52, struck a mine and sank in Subic Bay on January 20, 1942 not long after the Bay was abandoned by the Allied forces. Banshu-Maru-No.-52

Details of the Banshu Maru No 52

Builder: Mitsubishi Zosen Kobe Zosensho Owner: Hayashikane Shoten Call Sign: JDKA Official No: 28262 Laid Down: 04/09/1921 Launched: 05/11/1921 Completed (234 grt): 28/11/1921 Requisitioned: 01/12/1941 Aux. Minesweeper Division 46, Bako Guard District. Fate: Sunk by mine in Subic Bay, Luzon. 20/01/1942 Removed From Navy List: 05/02/1942  

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