Cage and Barrel Scuba Diving Site in Subic Bay

Depth: 37 m / 121 ft

Diver Level: Deep Diver Certified

The Cage and Barrel Scuba Diving Site lies north-west of Grande Island and is another one of Subic Bay’s mysteries. This is a fascinating deep dive site.

Layout of the Cage and Barrel Scuba Diving Site

With a maximum depth of  37m, there are 3 structures nicely laid out across a sloping sandy bottom. We tend to start at the large steel barge and looking for the resident huge Moray Eels before decreasing in depth as we approach what we believe to be a large boiler. The third structure, a large steel frame is Approximately 5m high and made up of a very solid steel frame similar to a a tower crane. There is an abundace of large pure white  fan corals and is amongst the most interesting and unique dives in the bay. Cage and Barrel Scuba Diving Site is home to Lapu Lapu, many varieties of shrimp, an occasional turtle and nudibranch. We often leave the dive site when our NDL gets low and swim a short distance to Canyons reef to extend our dive on a lovely shallow patch of reef.


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