Wreck Diving in Subic Bay, Philippines

There are quite a large number of WWII wrecks around Subic Bay, Subic Bay Wreck Diving is quite unique as we have a L2D “Tabby” (Japanese DC-3) airplane, Vietnam era F4 Phantom, a Douglas A-1 Skyraider and even a Spanish American Warship, the “San Quentin“.

Subic Bay offers a perfect habitat for these wrecks as they are tucked in away from most of the harsh weather that can hit the Philippines and which has preserved these historical monuments for decades.

Subic Bay Wreck DivingWhat really makes Subic Bay Philippines a special place for wreck diving is that most of the wrecks fall within the recreational diving limits, which means visiting these fascinating worlds doesn’t require any special technical training.

The amazing history and preservation of these wrecks makes a visit to our community a great place to begin your Subic wreck diving adventure or to continue on what you already know and love.

Dive with us here at Arizona Dive Shop and let us show you what Subic Bay has to offer.  Got metal? We do!

A Map of all Dive Sites in Subic Bay, Philippines

A list of Wreck Dive Sites for Subic Bay Include…

The USS New York (ACR-2)

She is probably the one everyone wants to see the most when arriving here in Subic Bay.  She’s a WWI ship built in the 1890’s used in WWII and one of the coolest wrecks we have here in the Subic Bay. Her 8” guns are still intact and she sits between 17-27 meters.

The El Capitan (USS Majaba)

She was built in 1919 and the US Navy acquired her in the 1940’s, this ship is believe to have provided supply runs for the US Military.  She is a perfect ship for Wreck Diving training with beginners to advanced with her large openings and shallow depths. She is completely intact and laying on her port side.

Tank Landing Ship (LST) Wreck

This is another favorite of scuba divers here in Subic Bay, as she is beautiful ship laying at an average of 30 meters with her doors going just below 34 meters. The LST was used to move big volumes of cargo and personnel. NITROX will server you well on this ship wreck.

The San Quentin (aka ‘Sunken Tin’)

San Quentin is a Spanish American Warship, which holds a very famous distinction here in Subic Bay; she was scuttled by the Spanish on purpose to block the channel between Grande Island and Chiquita Islands. Probably the oldest shipwreck in the Philippines, her large boilers are teeming with coral growth and the shallow depth makes it an awesome dive for beginners to advanced.

A Utility Landing Craft (LCU) Wreck

The LCU is a much smaller vessel compared to some of the other wrecks here in the Philippines; however they are really unique based on the way the bow drops down to allow you to roll of troops or light vehicles. Made very famous in the recent decades to the hugely popular movie Saving Private Ryan that depicted similar boats. Our LCU starts in just 9 meters of water and goes down to approximately 22 meters.

Aircraft Wrecks in Subic Bay