Fun Diving in Subic Bay

Are You A Certified Diver?

If you are an experienced diver and have never scuba dived in the Philippines, we encourage you to consider doing some Fun Diving in Subic Bay soon!  With loads of historical wrecks, we do have quite a lot to offer.  Consider the following…

10 Reasons Why You Should Go Fun Diving in Subic Bay With Arizona Dive Shop:

  1. Divemasters have decades of experience
  2. We tailor our dive trips to your specific needs.
  3. Our rental equipment is top of the line
  4. We can supply Enriched Air NITROX to help you maximize bottom time on our wreck dives.
  5. No limits set on dive times!
  6. Customers are treated like friends and family – we have lots of fun and so will you.
  7. We don’t run ‘cattle boats’ – only small dive groups, no overloaded boats or overcrowded dive sites.
  8. Technical and advanced wreck penetration dives can be guided by our technical wreck instructor.
  9. We cater for dedicated underwater photographers – we know how you like to dive!
  10. We simply LOVE scuba diving and you will find that contagious – there is no substitute.

Diving Services for Qualified Divers

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We hope you will consider a Fun Dive in Subic Bay TODAY!

If you have any questions about wrecks, pricing or procedures, feel free to click the button below and contact us.

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